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Stephanie and Ryan


So you’re in love. Welcome to the club. Now you need someone to turn the excitement and raw moments of your day into eternal memories, right? Someone to be your ultimate hype team, empowering you to be unapologetically yourselves and to capture the essence your love – whether that’s being wildly unashamed of some PDA, or having the best time with your partner without being told to kiss constantly – we got you.

We fit so seamlessly into your day, you’ll feel like you’ve known us forever.

We’re Tay and Pete. Cat-loving, beer-drinking, adventure-having, video-game-playing weirdos who want to make sure you have the heckin’ best day ever.

We got hitched in March 2021 in a window of opening between the third and fourth lockdowns. Starting with a quick ceremony at the Evelyn, we then took our guests on a sunny afternoon Brunswick Street pub crawl which… well… got messy and ended with 3am nuggets.

And we loved every second of it. We want you to feel the same.

We told you. We’re your new best friends with cameras.​

Hi, I'm Taygan, but you can call me Tay

I assisted at a few weddings as a late-teenager,  but a lot of what I experienced made it seemed like a stiff, repetitive and uncreative industry. Get in, tick off the shot list. Get out. It wasn’t until I’d gained more experience as a photographer that I realised how freeing, creative and wholesome wedding photography can be. Being a commercial and fine art photographer for a decade before opening my own wedding photography business gave me additional skills to develop my own style and find confidence in my work and myself. This developement has made me proud and excited to document such an important milestone in a way that feels real to me, with a hint of magic.

Let’s have a little looksie at that detour –

I originally studied Visual Arts (Photography Specialisation) at UniSA and Commercial Photography at RMIT. I wanted to be a ✨ fashion photographer ✨

After I graduated, I landed my dream job at Pacific Magazines in Sydney. I learnt a lot; fast – and even though I loved having my own studio and working independantly, I  quickly became disheartened here too. I felt like I didn’t fit in; there was a vast range of different personalities and questionable ethics around me, and the fast turn around made me feel like work I was proud of went unappreciated. The final straw was when one of my images was used on the cover for a defamation article (feel free to ask me about that if we meet in person/on a call, it’s a real doozy)

So I resigned, travelled for 4 months, feeling at a loss for where I was headed. I was then asked to shoot a wedding by a friend and I realised they asked me for my style, because I sure as hell wasn’t a wedding photographer. I loved it, and nearly 8 years later I have a business where I can inject art in to my work, capture things by the moment rather than a shot list, and just generally be around amazing people on their big day. What more could I ask for?


About 8 months after launching in to photography full time, I met Pete. I started to really understand what all these couples felt (gross) which only amplified my desire to shoot more of this crazy little thing called love.

And that brings us to now – your future wedding photographer just waiting to hear from you 😎

Second Shooter / Party Starter

Pete couldn’t be anything but himself if he tried.

After 18 years as a sign writer and designer by trade, Pete started shooting with me in 2017 when he assisted me at a wedding. I’m pretty sure he loves weddings more than I do.

Also, if you don’t claim him as your new bestie by the end of the night, I guarantee one of your relatives will.

Probably an uncle…