You’re getting hitched and you need a photographer – someone who will match your mood on the day, with the skills to boot.
An ultimate hype team who will not only be there to capture all your mischief but encourage it, while
tearing up the dance floor and belting out your favourite emo anthems.

We’re Tay and Pete – your new best friends with cameras.

“I cannot possibly recommend Tay more. We aren’t accustomed to being in front of the camera, and Tay and Pete made us feel comfortable and made everything fun! I cannot really express how you made my day, but you really did and given the combo choice again, there’s no one else I’d want. Thank you” –  Olivia and James

“Tay captured our day so perfectly! She made us feel completely comfortable and went above and beyond for us. Highly recommend!” – Nat and Callum

“Danny just surprised me with the photos and we love, love, love them… they have just put the biggest smile on my face…. Thank you for being the reason for that!” – Clara and Danny


Do you reeaallly want to look back on your wedding gallery and see a bunch of staged moments? We want to capture real memories; we want to let them unfold and make them with you.

Let’s colour outside the lines and create out own work of art.