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Absotootly! We encourage it! We want to make sure we are the right fit for your day so we can capture your love in a way that is truly important to you; and have fun doing it.

Our wedding coverage starts at $3,990. 

With our clients in mind, we designed 3 package options that cover the most requested hours and inclusions.

Our clients priority has been receiving a digital copy, so all packages include an online gallery of high resolution (for print) and web resolution (for online). This gallery remains online for 5 years, with a personalised shop for art prints, frames and albums that will be delievered straight to your door. Please refer to the “PACKAGES” tab of our website for more information, or contact us for more details!

You’ll get about 20 sneak peek photos within 48 hours of your wedding, and the whole gallery will be finalised and uploaded to your online portal in approximately 8-10 weeks. 


However this can vary with peak season and life in general, but we will always keep you in the loop!

We get this all the time, and many of our clients choose us for this reason. We want to keep people feeling relaxed and comfortable – the best photos come from genuine moments, not staged ones. We aim to document your day as it happens, offering direction as needed but always encouraging authentic interactions above all else – We have little tricks to help with this, and often have clients tell us that they forgot we were there taking photos (which is a huge win for us!)


We also talk with our couples about how they see their own romance. Are they the kind of people who would make out in the middle of the dance floor or are they more interested in getting up to mischief in the shadows? Whatever your style is, we got you, and we wont ever make you do something you don’t want to!

We would be delighted to! We love finding new and exciting places to shoot, but we also have a lot of old faithfuls up our sleeves!


If we aren’t already familiar with your venue we will often go for a drive around a day or two before to location scout for our own peace of mind, but don’t be afraid to tell us your suggestions, – you might know somewhere off the beaten track that we would never find!

Well if you expanded this, we are starting to get excited! We will hold your date tentatively until you are ready to make a deposit, unless we recieve another inquiry, in which case we will give you 48 hours to swipe us up first!


But we won’t just take another booking over yours without contacting you – we will try our best to recieve your confirmation that you have declined to move ahead with your booking before freeing it up. NO BRIDE (or Groom) LEFT BEHIND!

(Please don’t ghost us! Tay is scared of ghosts)


Deposits/retainers are 25%, and are non-refundable – this is due to securing a future date which means we are closing off our books to any other inquiries. Along with a deposit invoice we will send you the questionnaire and an agreement/contract to sign and return. The balance is due one week prior to the wedding.

Probably the most frequently asked, and you can feel free to follow up with us for more information and to talk specifics with your schedule for the day. Late afternoon light is our absolute favourite, especially the last hour before sunset (the Golden Hour) – it’s flattering, dreamy and just downright beautiful to shoot in. Leave worrying about the weather to us- Tay has shot in ALL kinds of weather, and will constantly be seeking the best light, shade, shelter, etc for your photos. If we location scout before the day, we will always have some spots in mind if it happens to rain, or we can work with it as rain can make for some beautiful moody photos. If it’s overcast on your wedding day, you should be as stoked as we are – it’s the best possible scenario for day time photos. If you are planning a winter wedding, we would suggest getting your hands on some clear umbrellas as well. If you’re in Melbourne we can supply some, but we are not always available to supply these if we are travelling for your day.

We have photographed weddings without a voice, with a broken foot, and wouldn’t shy at adding some more to that list! In the situation that Taygan is not 100%, we will employ an assistant and/or second shooter to help out and ensure that your day is covered (at no additional cost to you, of course!) If Taygan is absolutely not able to fulfill her duties as your photographer, we will make every effort to seek a trusted industry friend to shoot on her behalf, then we will still edit the images. We have a network of amazing photographers who are always ready to step in last minute, but if it comes to it and we can’t secure a replacement, you will receive a full refund. With all that being said, we’ve never had to resort to this, and will do everything in our power to make your day perfect.